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Profile :

First Flight Couriers (Middle East ) LLC


Like many other multinationals and transnational organizations First Flight couriers also started with a humble beginning in 1986 to satisfy the emerging need and potential in India. The initial operations were within the major metros in India. During a short span of 17 years the teamwork based on our core values enabled us to emerge as a massive network of 570 own branches and 7 international subsidiaries handled by 7500 trained professionals

First Flight in Middle East

To satisfy the on growing need in the Middle East the First Flight started its Middle East operations in 1997 by forming its first international subsidiary First Flight Couriers (Middle East )LLC in association with M/s ANE express which was operating in united Arab emirates from 1983.the sound knowledge of ANE Express in the local market and professionalism based on the core values triggered the growth of the new born under the leadership of Mr. Johnson Thomas -The Managing Director. Within a short span of 5 years the organization has spread its wings to Oman and Qatar by forming the subsidiaries. Presently the company is operating more than 250 countries by handling 125 000 documents per day.

The mission

To emerge as a number one courier company in the Middle East based on our core values to satisfy the need of the individuals and organizations

The vision

We are committed to professionalism by offering reliable consistent service through innovation, dedication, and teamwork for the customer delight.

The core values

During the entire life span the organization has give the top most priority and emphasis to its core values

  • Economy
  • Reliability
  • Service

These values are defined as follows


Value for money: - we decided to offer best possible services at reasonable price

No frills -all value: - we cut out all the frills and offer quality service at an affordable price.


To ensure the reliability we work as a dedicated team by avoiding the conventional methods of franchising and contracting Adaptation of new technologies and continuos updation of methods and procedures to increase the competitive edge


Design and customize the operations to meet the individual customer needs

Ensure the accessibility by through network expansion

Human touch: - it is not the machine but it is the man who deliver

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