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Dec 02, 2021

First Flight Couriers, with its impressive track record and impeccable service, is today moving hand in hand with the UAE’s development

As the UAE commemorates the ‘Year of the 50th’ today, marking its golden jubilee, it is with pride that we witness the tremendous strides that nation has made along its journey. Home to millions of expats, many businesses have contributed to the growth to reach this pivotal position that the nation holds across the globe.

One such establishment is the leading logistics solutions provider in the UAE and the GCC, First Flight Couriers, whose Founder and Managing Director, Johnson Thomas, speaks about the resilience and leadership of the UAE Rulers and their vision to create a people-first society. Established in 1986 in Abu Dhabi, and currently headquartered in Dubai, the company has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in the Middle East.

Johnson has been residing in the UAE for the last 42 years and says that his journey is nothing short of being pleasant and happy. Adding, he says: “I landed in Abu Dhabi in 1979 and started my journey in this beautiful country as an accountant. With perseverance and determination, I started my first company of courier company ANE Express in 1986.”

Remembering his old days in Abu Dhabi, Johnson went down the memory lane conferring to his ‘one-man army’ days. “When I started my company, I was the only one who managed sales, operations and logistics. It was quite hard as I use to pick up and deliver parcels on my own,” he reminisces.

After 20 years in Abu Dhabi, Johnson moved to Dubai to expand his business. “I lived in the capital for 20 years and I’d seen my initial growth there when ANE Express merged with First Flight Couriers for its operations in Middle East. Abu Dhabi taught me a lot, it was then in the year 2000 when I planned to expand my business and moved to Dubai.” And it was in Dubai that Johnson saw a tremendous growth and opportunity.

“My business started flourishing when I moved to Dubai. We hired around 300 employees and eventually became the fourth biggest courier service company in the UAE. We are a certified company and have 11 branches in countries including Oman, Bahrain, Qatar with strategic partnerships in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.”

From its humble beginnings in Abu Dhabi and then diligent growth in the UAE and Middle East, First Flight Couriers has achieved many milestones. And Johnson has played a pivotal role in single-handedly placing First Flight Couriers (Middle East) as one of the most significant players in express courier services and most trusted courier brand in the Middle East. As a one-stop solution for everything logistics, the company has offered quality and professional, domestic and international express courier services for the last 35 years. First Flight couriers network connects goods and services across 195 countries, covering 1,800 destinations, serving re¬tail and corporate customers.

Addressing the role of the UAE in company’s growth, Johnson said, “The UAE has been home to me forever now. My dreams were fulfilled with the continuous and definitive support of the country. I have lived here for more than four decades and this country has supported me and helped me in flourishing not only my business but also my personal life. Today, I won’t even blink before calling it my first country.”

As the nation celebrates 50th year of the UAE’s formation, there are two important lessons of life that the UAE teaches — sustainability and growth, he adds. Comparing the nation’s growth momentum with First Flight Couriers, Johnson says, “I salute the UAE Rulers. Under their visionary rule, the nation has seen an optimistic growth not just in the last 50 years, but now are working towards the futuristic approach for the next 50 years. “The goal of First Flight couriers is to be in sync with the passion of the UAE leader’s mission to be the best nation with outstanding achievements and performances in every field. A visionary nation like the UAE will benefit in all sectors like logistics, technology, architecture, and real estate, all footing towards economic growth.”

Expressing his love for the country, Johnson added, “The UAE has been the country of opportunities for everyone, people come with their aspirations and dreams, and this country leaves no stone unturned behind in fulfilling their expectations.”

UAE is today widely standing as a leaders of rapid development and transformations, he added. Praising the country’s effort, Johnson said, “UAE has set an example of being a true leader in terms of harmony, cohesion and solidarity. It has become the hallmark of the social and economic growth and has set an example for others.”

“The nation has created effective business communication across generations, which, in turn, has helped create a sustainable economy. I take immense pride in being the recipient of the prestigious UAE Golden Visa and want to congratulate the nation on this day, which bridged the challenges over the years with their lateral thinking that are innovative, creative and culturally rich,” he concluded.

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