For deliveries within the UAE, we offer a full list of domestic delivery services to cater to the varying needs of modern businesses.

Domestic Delivery Services in UAE

All our domestic services are handled completely by First Flight staff. We do not outsource any of our processes.

With a wide choice of timeframes and costs, you can choose from various delivery options to suit your requirements. Whether you're looking for urgent same-day deliveries, timely next-day deliveries or less urgent options, we've got it all. Whatever your choice, we offer you convenient and fast delivery services, aided by real-time tracking systems to enable you to keep updated about your shipment.

Next-day Delivery

Next-day Delivery is the most economical pick-up delivery service for the regular movement of consignments in the UAE. One of our most popular domestic services, we have the capacity and resources in place to deliver single packages to hundred packages within UAE, the very next day.
We assure you of timely deliveries, every time, with real-time tracking to ensure that your package arrives at the consignee destination within timelines. Book your order from the comfort of your office or home and rest assured that your package will be collected from your doorstep and delivered to the right location the very next day itself.

Same-day Service

When you need shipments to reach their destination in the shortest possible time frame, rely on Same-day Services for your mission-critical shipment. We assure you of immediate pickup and door delivery of your shipment. Ideal for time-sensitive shipments, it can be customized for your requirements. The Same-day Service is fully flexible to suit your business requirements and our team will be available to handle the shipment from pickup to delivery. Our in-house software also allows you to track your shipment real time.

Bullet Service

Don’t compromise on your productivity! With First Flight’s Bullet Service, your package will be shipped by the fastest possible route. With our dedicated, time collection and delivery service worldwide, we serve your requirements even out of our regular work times. Our specialists will manage your shipment from start to finish, ensuring the express delivery of your documents and parcels.
Bullet Service assures extremely urgent deliveries with 1 hour delivery within the emirate and across the emirates within 3-4 hours.

Consignee Only Delivery

A value-added service from First Flight, Consignee Only Delivery is for customers who want to deliver the package to a specific recipient only. The package is handed over to the receiver only after thorough verification of his id proof. This service is especially used for the delivery of documents and financial instruments like bank cards check books, pin cards delivery etc.
With more than 3000 satisfied customers worldwide, you can be sure of prompt and safe delivery of your sensitive documents. Our in-house software also allows you to track your parcel real-time, so you know when your package will reach the receiver.

Cheque Collection

Rely on First Flight for the safe and secure collection and delivery of your cheques. First Flight specialists will pick your cheque from your payer and deliver to your office. Our Cheque Collection service is available all across the UAE.
Our Cheque Collection service saves you time as you save on the postage time. It will also increase your revenue with the additional interest earned. You can count on First Flight for absolute integrity and dependency for your crucial financial transactions.

Return Service

First Flight’s Return Service is a two-way service which will pick up the item to be returned and then deliver to the sender. Flexible return options provide greater convenience, faster turnaround times and the trustworthy and reliable First Flight service. Give your business a competitive edge over your competition and gain market prominence with our Return service.