With more than 3000 satisfied customers around the world, First Flight always exceeds our customer’s expectations with timely deliveries to destinations around the world. That’s why we are the chosen global courier and logistics partner to the top corporate houses in the UAE for Project Logistics.

Project Logistics in UAE
Our reliable and secure shipments have enabled us to provide 360o Project Logistics to our partner businesses. Our exceptional service track record has been achieved by building strong relationships with our customers and being passionately determined towards reaching our goals. Leverage our Project Logistics Delivery capabilities with our Mailroom and Fulfilment Centre services. We assure complete support for your projects on time-bound and mission-critical deliveries across the world. Partner with First Flight, so you can focus on main functionalities in building your business. 


At First Flight, we understand that maintaining communications lines is one of the important aspects of successful business operations. The mail room functions as the central hub of courier deliveries and mail tracking. But for many companies, mailrooms tend to be extremely expensive and often fail to keep up when the projects demand maximum support. First Flight has the capacity to handle mailrooms of various corporate offices, of all sizes. First Flight specialists will be deployed at corporate mailrooms to handle the high communication inflow and outflow. You can also choose to outsource the complete mailroom operations to us. We will handle the pickup and delivery of mails and ensure seamless management of the process, in an extremely cost effective manner. Talk to us for systematically convenient office mail solutions at the fraction of the cost of your current mailroom operations.

Fulfilment Center

A global logistics solutions partner is a requisite for the success of any ecommerce venture. First Flight understands the requirements of an ecommerce business like no other. Our Fulfillment Centre has the capability to offer full cycle order fulfillment management by ensuring that your shipments are processed in the fastest and most efficient manner. We specialize in warehousing, order processing, order, fulfillment and distribution of your products all around the world, so you can focus on growing your ecommerce business. We use our online Warehouse Management System to link the company’s stocks and manage the shipments. Regular reports are sent to the ecommerce companies to take an assessment of their current stocks. Online dashboards are also available at the tips of your fingers, to check the inventory for damaged or items are low in stock.